Daydreaming on Paper
February 2003
Make Your Own Stickers

I have been getting a lot of queries about the lettering I used for my stickers.

A few years ago, I took a year-long calligraphy course taught by calligrapher Reggie Ezell. The class met once, sometimes twice, a month, and we learned to write in a number of hands and with a wide vareity of pens and other instruments. The lettering above is based on one of Mr. Ezell's styles of brush lettering. It is done with a Pentel Colorbrush, which is available from Paper & Ink Arts. He gave us a sampler that had several different variations of this hand. Since I can not scan his sampler (it has a copyright and I would not want to do that anway), I decided to scan my own rendition.

The key to this brush lettering is to arc the pen at the starting point of the letter and then straighten up as you near the baseline. You would apply pressure at the beginning and end of the letter, lifting the pen and releasing pressure in the middle (at the baseline). It takes practice; I still have not mastered it.

I would highly recommend that you take Mr. Ezell's course if it ever comes to your city.


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