Daydreaming on Paper
April 2019
Show and Tell: Calligraphy Practice

I have dabbled in calligraphy ever since I received my first Sheaffer calligraphy pen and Speedball Textbook when I was around thirteen years old. I have taken a few classes and workshops from well-known professional calligraphers here and there but, for the most part, I am self-taught. As with most of my interests, I generally do not have the discipline to sit down and do regular practice. Even though I have done commissioned work on occasion, for the most part, I use calligraphy solely for my own personal projects like my planner pages or random scribblings in my notebooks - things that are more or less for my eyes only. I use inexpensive, easily available materials and tools, and try out new hands as the mood hits.

I have always been too impatient to do things properly, but these days, I am much more likely than not to at least draw a few guidelines for my lettering. Some days, however, even that much is pushing it. The final results are usually hit or miss - sometimes very lovely, sometimes cringe-worthy, but often somewhere in between - and that is fine with me. I enjoy calligraphy, the process of using pens and brushes (and other implements) and a rainbow of inks to create "beautiful writing", for its own sake. Whether I spend ten minutes or ten hours on it, it is time well spent, and I learn something from every stroke even if the finished letterforms are less than perfect. Still, with several decades of slapdash "practice", even a perpetual dilettante like myself can occasionally turn out something pretty. It's that promise and the meditative quality of the process that have kept me pleasantly immersed in this hobby for all these years and likely will do for many years to come.


Happy Scribbling!




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