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June 2021
Still Doing What I've Always Done

August 2020
Make Your Own Sticky Notes

January 2020
Moving Beyond Notebook Envy

September 2019
Writing About Reading

April 2019
Show and Tell: Calligraphy Practice

January 2019
New Year, Same Trusty Day Planner

April 2018
Fun With Paper Scraps

October 2016
Record Every Day

June 2016
How I Use Clip Art Books

April 2016
Using the Internet to Enhance Your Notebook Habit

January 2016
The Project Diary

January 2016 Bonus Post
Easy Planner Folders From Scrapbook Paper

November 2015
Start with Food

June 2015
Random Commentary

November 2014
Happy Fountain Pen Day!

December 2007
Path to Greater Creativity: Uncovering Time

January 2006
Your Creative Manifesto

August 2005
Seven Myths About Keeping a Journal

May/June 2004
Carve Your Own Rubber Stamps

November/December 2003
The Dayplanner as Diary

July/August 2003
Fun With Margins

May/June 2003
101 Reasons to Keep a Diary/Journal

January/February 2003
Make Your Own Stickers

December 2002
Keep Out!

August 2002
The Frugal Diary

June/July 2002
Creative Profiles

April/May 2002
Make Your Own Journal

February/March 2002
Creative Profiles

January 2002
A Fresh Start

December 2001
How to Make a Book in Six Easy Steps

November 2001

September/October 2001
Stars in Your Eyes

August 2001
Show and Tell

June 2001
Summer Vacation

April 2001
Earth Day

February/March 2001
The Art of Scribble

December 2000
The Illusion of Depth

November 2000
Engaging the Senses

October 2000
Postcard Diaries

September 2000
Regional Reflections


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